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Turning secondary biomass into new bioplastic applications! Develop recycled and environmentally friendly plastic products with Twins Crew Lab.


Today’s product developments must not only be economically viable, they should also demonstrate a company’s innovative strength and thus open up new markets and maintain existing ones. In the best case scenario, product innovations are developed using the cradle-to-cradle approach, i.e. planning in advance what will happen to the plastic product after its useful life. Can the plastic be recycled or does an excessively colorful mix of materials prevent a circular economy? What happens to production waste? Can it be fed directly back into the extrusion process and thus enable zero-waste production? We support your product policy by selecting suitable materials and processing and finishing methods.


Over a good cup of coffee or via Facetime with an NDA in tow, we'll be happy to listen to your idea and add ours on top.

Project planning & financing

Jump straight into the adventure with direct financing or take the advantage of state subsidies. Either way, we will plan your project down to the last detail.


From the first steps to prototype production, we let you look over our shoulder from the comfort of your office chair thanks to camera technology.

Test report & sample

With the help of test reports, project meetings and samples, we keep you and your company up to date and discuss progress.

Sampling & Marketing

Final spurt. We are happy to support you with business development, accompany the sampling process and present your products to potential customers.


Transparency, fair feedback and customer satisfaction are very important to us. We strive for friendly and long-term cooperation.